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Frequently asked questions

1. Do I need to have hairdressing/industry experience to take on a Jacks of London franchise?
You do not need any hairdressing, barbering or industry experience to take on a Jacks of London franchise. We will give you comprehensive training and support in all areas of the business, including assistance with all the relevant staff recruitment that you need to successfully run your Jacks store.

2. Why Choose a Jacks of London Franchise?
It is a unique and exciting opportunity in a fast growing market. You will benefit from working under a strong, successful brand with a proven business formula and a wealth of support and expertise on hand to ensure you can run your business smoothly and professionally.

3. How much will I need to invest?
You can own your own Jacks of London franchise for as little as £50,000, dependent on size and location, with the remaining investment being obtained from high street banks with the help of the Jacks of London team.

4. What is the risk?
It is less risk to open as a franchised business due to the experienced business support network that you gain from working within a franchised business. 50% of new independent businesses fail within the first year. Remember, your success means our success so we are committed to making your business work. Jacks of London is also operating in an industry which is internet proof. Haircuts are not likely to become available on-line so there is little risk of the internet making your business services redundant! We are positioned in the middle of the market and so appeal to a very wide range of customers and at the end of the day everyone needs to have their hair cut!

5. Can I own more than one Jacks of London?

Yes. If your first franchise is proving successful then there is no reason why we wouldn’t be in agreement to you opening a second or third!

6. How will I recruit my staff?
The Jacks of London team will provide you with substantial assistance in recruiting and trade-testing your staff. With the help of proven marketing techniques including the Jacks of London website, we will make sure that you have a strong team of stylists and support staff in place to run your Jacks of London store.
7. How will I attract customers to Jacks of London?
Our strong brand presence, comprehensive and innovative marketing programmes, formulated launch campaign and on-going advice and marketing expertise will ensure that you are communicating with your customers on a regular basis.

8. What support will I get from Jacks of London?
Exactly what you need. Depending on whether you are a hairdresser/barber or not we will tailor our support plan to your needs. We will hand hold you through each stage of opening your new store, from business plans to marketing and staff recruitment and will continue to provide on-going support along the way as and when you need it. Our dedicated Jacks training programme will ensure that every level of your team is qualified and confident to support you in running a successful Jacks operation.

9. What are the current franchise fees?
The current franchise fee is £17,500 + VAT. The fee is paid in two instalments and the term is over 5 years. The management service fees are 10% of gross turnover.


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